News 2014

Elli NKC Bø February

Achivements 2014:
No. 1 Dalmatian Breeder Norwegian Dalmatian Club
No. 2 Dalmatian bitch Norwegian Dalmatian Club:
Nord Ch Toot’s Ice Ice Baby

Norwegian champions:
Ch Toot’s Healing Heart
Ch Toot’s Here She comes
Ch Toot’s Ice Ice Baby
Ch Toot’s Flaming Star
Ch Toot’s Foxy Lady

Swedish champion:
Ch Toot’s Ice Ice Baby

Danish champion:
Ch Toot’s Ice Ice Baby

Nordic champion:
Ch Toot’s Ice Ice Baby

And it all started with Elly (Toot’s Healing Heart) who was champion and BOS on NKC Bø in Februar.

Letohallen March

In March, Elli slso went BOS on Letohallen. Toot’s Eternal Flame went BOB. The breeder class went BIS2.

In May, Marley (Toot’s Just a Dream) started his show career by becoming BEST in SHOW. Not only once, but twice. Only 12 months of age.

Later that month, Marley BEST in SHOW in Skjomen (Narvik). Also twice. What a kick-start – four BEST in SHOWS in two weeks.



Hammerfest May – Marley and Ida-Helene

At the same time (May) in Bergen. Toot’s Foxy Lady became Norwegian Champion.

In June, Toot’s Ice Ice Baby, achived her Norwegian CAC and became N S Champion. Later she also went Danish Champion and achived her NORD Championship.

Later that month, Toot’s Ice Ice baby BISS Norwegian Dalmatian Club’s show amd Toot’s Just in Time BOS.




Ida-Helene Sivertsen with T. Just a Dream, the judge Ligita Zake, Izzy and me.

The third show this weekend (NKC) belonged to two new champions, S Ch Toot’s Flaming Star and Toot’s Here she comes. T. Here she comes was BOB

Madlen Högberg with T. Flaming Star and Ida-Helene Sivertsen with T. Here She comes. Judge: Vigdis Nymark.

In July, Toot’s Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie, became BOB and gained her KC CAC. Later this year she became a Norwegian Champion and she also became mother to the M-litter.

Toot’s Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie, NKC Tr.h.

In August, on Show 101, Skumsjøen, Ch Toot’s Ice Ice Baby became BOB for Breeder judge Nendad Devic.

Show 101 – Best of breed, Izzy

Also in August, Trondheim Dog Festival, Ch Toot’s Ice Ice Baby became BOB again. Judge Harri Lehkonen day 1 and Paula H. Lehkonen day 2.

Bergen, Toot’s Foxy Lady and her owner Kari.


Toot’s Just a Dream

Toot’s Just a Dream gained his 4th BEST IN SHOW title on Tromsø Hundeklubb’s all breed show in Tromsø in August. Here pictured with his handler Ida-Helene Sivertsen and judge Jocken Eberhardt.















Bertha – NVV-14 and NORDVV-14.

Bertha, INT NORD DK HR UCH NV-07 NV-11 Toot’s Bobadilla Light was placed or was BOB veteran several times in 2014.

The last shows were NKC Lillestrøm, where she also gained two titles, NVV-14 and NORDVV-14.


At these shows, Ch Toot’s Healing Heart gained her NORDV-14 title and she also became BOS.