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My first brood bitch was bought from Kennel Liberline in 1980. She had two litters, and in her first litter (Anima’s Casimir) I got Int Nord Ch Toot’s Abbey Road. Later she became the mother of Svolværgeita’s Arctic Charm (Nord Ch Spotnik’s Banker Boy). His daughter, N S Ch Toot’s Keep on Running is the mother of N S Ch Toot’s No Milk Today. In her second litter, Int Nord Ch Toot’s Abbey Road gave birth to Svolværgeita’s Black Beauty (Nord Ch Spotnik’s Black Banker), the mother of N Ch Svolværgeita’s Eline. N Ch Svolværgeita’s Eline became the mother of Cara Brown MR, later used by Kennel Skvå.

Imports from Finland
In 1983 I purchased two bitches from Finland, Luonnonpuiston Belladonna (Gunvor Rantanen) and O’Soul Tootsie to Toots (Matti Luoso).

These two bitches were the foundation of my breeding.  N S Ch Toot’s No Milk Today and her granddaughter, N S NordV-02 Ch Toot’s Suspicious Mind and Toot’s You can call me Al, come from these lines.

Behind N S Ch NordV-02 Toot’s Suspicious Mind, you’ll find all my old bitches. Liberline’s California Clipper, Nord Ch Luonnonpuiston Belladonna and O’Soul Tootsie To Toots were United.

A new brood bitch from Kennel Perdita was purchased in ’96
In 1996 I purchased a new brood bitch from Kari Ditlefsen, Kennel Perdita, N S Ch Perdita’s Keep an eye on Me. She has given me three litters; first she was mated to Perdita’s Inside Information, then I used Perdita’s High and Mighty. I am very pleased with these litters.  Three of the males from the first of these two litters have been used by other breeders. In the second litter I kept a liver male, N Ch Toot’s Travelling  Man. Her third litter with Nord Ch Spotnik’s Unbuttoned Uniform, gave me Int Nord DK Ch NV-05 SV-05 Toot’s Working Class Hero. So far, he has had quite a successful career both in Norway, Sweden and Finland. In 2005 he was Dalmatian of the Year. He had several group wins in 2004 and 2005 and BIS 2 at Tromsø Dog Club’s Show in October 2005. He had a flying start in 2006 by winning the breed at his first show and he did not stop there:  He also went BIG and BEST IN SHOW. He has mated five bitches and given birth to more than 50 puppies in Norway and Denmark.

Not owned by myself, but used in breeding, I want to mention N Ch Toot’s Unforgivable Sinner (Ellen Utsi). She had extraordinary results in the ring, winning the breed at the Specialty in Tromsø 2003, 2005, Best in Show and 2 Best in Show in Narvik 2004. From my Y-litter I kept Toot’s You Can call me Al (Toot’s Working Class Hero – N Ch Toot’s Unforgivable Sinner). She won several puppy-classes before turning 9 months. Later she has got CC’s in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Germany and is an International and Nordic Champion. She is also World Winner 2008.

I also would like to mention Nord Ch NordV-02 Toot’s Suspicious Mind, the mother of you z-litter, which has given me three champions, so far.

I also kept one bitch from my A-litter, born in April 2005, Toot’s Amazing Grace (co-owned with Camilla Sverresvold). From my B-litter, born August 12 the same year, I kept N Ch Toot’s Bobadilla Light, co-owned with Åsa Fagerlund, Toot’s Bibbedi-Bobbedi-Bo (co-owned with Åsa Fagerlund). In June 2006 I got back from Russia, from my Z-litter, Toot’s Zulu. Toot’s Bobadilla Light has so far had two good seasons in the ring and became a Norwegian Champion August 12. 2007.

Dalmatians since 1979
More than 40 litters and approx 200 puppies have been bred in a home environment and socialized with their mothers and the other dogs in the house.  Most of the litters have produced CK-dogs and all together there have been approx. 40 champions (including one living in Finland, one in Sweden and two in New Zealand).  Puppies have been exported to Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Israel, US and New Zealand.

I also had the satisfaction to see some of the dogs during these years being presented at the most winning list in Norway. In 1992 I was ranked no. 1 breeder in Norway. In 2003 I was ranked as no 3. In 2006 no. 2 and in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 Kennel Toot’s was no 1 breeder in Norway.

Int Nord DK Ch NV-05 SV-05 Toot’s Working Class Hero was ranked as no 1 Dalmatian in Norway 2005 and 2006. He was also ranked as most winning youngster in 2004. Later his daughter was Top Dalmatian (2011), top Dalmatian Bitch (2012). Her daughter, Ch Toot’s Ice Ice Baby was Top Dalmatian Youngster in 2013, no 2 Dalmatian in 2014 and no. 1 in 2015.

My goals are to breed Dalmatians according to the standard. To explain what I mean, I’ll use the phrase from the Dalmatian Standard:
The Dalmatian is a distinctively spotted dog; poised and alert; strong, muscular and active; free of shyness; intelligent in expression; symmetrical in outline; and without exaggeration or coarseness. The Dalmatian is capable of great endurance, combined with fair amount of speed.

These goals are not easy to achieve, but you owe the breed to give it at try.

It’s a long way to go, but even if the goal seems far away – it is possible to reach some. To succeed in breeding Dalmatians is not easy. I have done my share of mistakes, but hopefully I have learned something.

About myself
I now 74 years old and have participated in dog organizations the most of my life.

I was the first President of  the The Norwegian Spaniel Cub, Tromsø region, President Tromsø Hundeklubb since 1989 -, the Norwegian Dalmatian Club board member for two periods, chair of the breeding council, editor of the Club Magazine, «Dalmatiner Nytt» for 10 years, region contact for The Norwegian Dalmatian Club for 34  years, since 1986.  During 1996 – 1999 I was a member of the The Norwegian Kennel Club’s board and have also served as a member of The Organization Comittee, Disiplinary Committee and the committee of Honor Prizes. Present I serve as a chairman for the Norwegian Kennel Club, Troms/Finnmark region.

During this time I have been blessed to work with a lot of exiting tasks and people and after a while it led to a wish to become a judge. I got my authorization to judge Dalmatians in 1993, Dobermans in 1994, Great Danes in 1995 and Boxers and Norwegian Lundehund in 2002.  I now judge several breeds in group 2, group 4, a few breeds in group 5, group 6, group 7 and group 8. I have been invited to judge in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Estonia, The Netherlands, Serbia, Check Rep., Slovenia, Great Britain, New Zealand and US.

In 2007 I was awarded the Norwegian Kennel Cub’s prize of Honour for breeding. I also became the most winning Dalmatian breeder this year. In 2009 we also became most winning Dalmatian breeder. The same happened in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

My then ten year old male, Int Nord DK Ch NV-05 SV-05 NV-09 NVV-11 Toot’s Working Class Hero, also gained the prestigious prize for the best progeny class at Norwegian Kennel Club’s show 2008 and 2009. No other dogs have achieved this prize twice before. In 2011 he went 2nd Best Dalmatian at the NKC list. At home, I at the same time had Ch Toot’s Bobadilla Light, Toot’s You can call me All and Toot’s Ice Ice Baby, all four Int champions.  Today I still have Toot’s Ice Ice Baby and Toot’s She’s a Rainbow.

Ellen Utsi
In 2006 Ellen Utsi joined the kennel. Ellen is 31 years old and got her first Dalmatian in 2000. Her first brood bitch was Ch Toot’s Unforgivable Sinner. Her first litter was born March 8, 2004 (the Y-litter). Ellen is an authorized NKC ring steward. She also served as a secrecetary of Tromsø Hundeklubb for four years and she was earlier an active member of the Norwegian Dalmatian Club, group Troms/Finnmark. Now she lives in the south of Norway, in the region of Hedmark (Disenå).  Ellen has a Dalmatian male from the C-litter. His name is Toot’s Can’t get you out of my head. He only needs one CAC to become a champion.In 2008 I let her use Ch Toot’s You can call me Al (daughter of Toot’s Unforgivable Sinner). She was mated to Ch Perdita’s Counterstrike. From this litter Ellen kept two bitches, Toot’s Everytime and Toot’s Everybody’s fool. Both has done fine in the show ring and are Norwegian champions.  Ellen also has kept a male after Toot’s I Don’t Like Mondays and Toot’s Everybody’s Fool, Toot’s None Of Your Business.
In 2015 Ellen bought a norwegian lundehund bitch, Mist. She has done well at a puppy show. We plan to also breed norwegian lundehund puppies. More about Ellen, http://hirsahill.blogg.no/

Åsa Fagerlund
In 2009 Åsa Fagerlund joined the kennel. Åsa is 42 years old and got her first Dalmatian in 1998. This was a bitch from Kennel Perdita, named Perdita’s Itchy Itch. She became her first brood bitch and Åsa’s first litter was born August 12, 2005 (our B-litter). This is the second B-litter and this means that we have been thru the alphabeth once.

Åsa is active in the Dalmatian club and she is now the DA-contact for Oslo/Akershus.

Åsa got her second bitch from the B-litter, Toot’s Bibbedi Bobbedi Boo. She is Norwegian champion. She is a Norwegian champion. She also has a boy from Toot’s G-litter, Toot’s Goody Two Shoes. Together we have Toot’s I love Mondays. She also has a girl from the I-litter, Toot’s It’s what I want. She also co-own N S Ch Toot’s Healing Heart, N S Ch Toot’s Just a Dream and Toot’s Look for a Star.

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