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N CH Toot’s One Way Ticket – Nord CH Botnicus Fast and Furious.
Innavlsgrad:  1,398%
Paringsdatoer:  10. og 11.01.2021
Valper ventes:  13.03.2021.
Leveringsklare: 08.05.2021


C.I.B NORD FI UCH RLI Toot’s Ice Ice Baby –
Int C.I.B. NORD UCH SE V-17 DK UCH Botnicus Everything you want
Innavlsgrad: 9.88%
Paringsdato: 13. og 15.01.2021
Valper ventes: 16.03.20212
Leveringsklare: 11.05.2021

New litter born

New litter born:

Kennel Toot’s U2-litter was born March 17 2020.
N S CH Toot’s Ov er my Head –   C.I.B. Nord DK Ch SE V-17 Botnicus Everything You want
Ready for delivery in May