L-litter born 13.05.93

Kjmo’s Deywid

N UCH Toot’s Hollie Hobbie


 Kjmo’s Deywid  N UCH Piruett Just Jerry  INT NORD UCH Spotnik’s Copyright
 S UCH Dallas Lady Lindy
 N UCH Zoomik’s Happy Girl  Spotnik’s Black Label
 N UCH Danielle
 N UCH Toot’s Hollie Hobbie  INT N S UCH
Toot’s Charlie Chaplin
 Paceaway Zamazan
 NORD UCH Luonnonpuiston Belladonna
 O Soul Tootsie To Toots  Anelanai S Tweed
 SF UCH O Soul Ramayanana


Dogs Bitches
 Toot’s Let’s Twist Again  Toot’s Lady Madonna
 N UCH Toot’s Life O’brian  Toot’s Let Me Into Your Heart
 Toot’s Light My Fire  N UCH Toot’s Let The Good Times Roll
 Toot’s Love Me Do

N UCH Toot’s Let The Good Times Roll

N UCH Toot’s Life Of Brian

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