I-litter born 11.04.91

N UCH Perdita’s Picasso

O Soul Tootsie To Toots

 N UCH Perdita’s Picasso  Coaching Jovial Jarvey  S SF UCH Of Course Slow-Motion
 Dallas Go-Go Girl
Liberline’s Dizzy Miss Lizzy
 Timanka’s Pep Talk
 INT NORD UCH Luonnonpuiston Ulinette
O Soul Tootsie To Toots  Anelanai S Tweed  Snowwyn S Clyde
 Never Complain Lady Selena
 SF UCH O Soul Ramayanana  Merrybriar Swish
 SF UCH O Soul Karolina


Dogs Bitches
 Toot’s I’m A Beliver  Toot’s Inkululeko
 Toot’s I,albert Einstein  Toot’s Il Tempo Gigante
 Toot’s If I Had A Hammer  Toot’s Imagine
 Toot’s It’s Still Rock N’roll To Me  Toot’s In Rosas Heart
 Toot’s It Ain’t Me, Babe

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