H2-litter born 24.03.11

Ekryda’s Vidar

White/black HD-clear

N S Ch Toot’s Beautiful Day

White/black HD-clear


 Ekryda’s Vidar FI S US UCH
Erin’s Sparkyanna’s Huckfinn
 US CH Erin’s Wildwood Perfect
 US CH Erin’s Wldwd Crystal Limerick Cd
 Ekryda Onatha  INT FIN S UCH VV-08 Kamilkan Oranssiprinssi
 S UCH Ekryda Glispa
 N S Ch Toot’s Beautiful Day  Int Nord Ch NV-05 SV-05 Toot’s
Working C lass Hero
 Int Nord Ch Spotnik’s Unbuttoned Uniform
 N S Ch Perdita’s Keep An Eye On Me
 N Ch Perdita’s Itchy Itch  Perdita’s High and Mighty
 N UCH Perdita’s Key to Heaven


Dogs Bitches
 Toot’s Hero of the Day  Toot’s Hungry Eyes
 Toot’s Heartbreak Hotel  Toot’s Healing Heart
 Toot’s Hurricane Boy  Toot’s Heaven Can Wait
 Toot’s Happy Heart  Toot’s Here she comes


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